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Scale Your Business with Competitive Intelligence from an Approved Walmart Partner

We are a Walmart Marketplace solution provider with comprehensive data including pricing history, buy box winners, category best sellers, and more.

Our free, powerful, and easy-to-use Chrome Extension embeds sales and price information on so you can have all the data you need at your fingertips.

Optimize Discoverability with Keyword Research

Fine-tune your keyword strategy with the Keyword Explorer, taking the guesswork out of keyword decisions and targeting audiences with precision.

Drive traffic by knowing top ranked keywords to compete against

Optimize your listings by seeing vs keyword ranks

See how your products and your competitors’ products rank against a keyword

Discover all the top keywords where your items rank

Find new keywords for your products based on similar keyword search

Perform Comprehensive Product Research with Ease

With our intuitive system, gain insight into your competitors’ business without wasting time and energy.

Research demand, competition, pricing, and buy box competitiveness while you browse with our Chrome Extension

Keep track of competitors performance, wholesale catalogs, or hard to source items using My Product Lists

Search our database of over 10M products to evaluate competition level or you can use Advanced Search to get more specific about your niche

Stay Ahead with Simple, Extensive, Competitive Intelligence

There is nothing better than knowing you are winning. Be able to see how you stack up to your competitors sales performance and market share, price competitiveness, reviews, and more.

Evaluate an entire category or a specific niche with our Category Explorer

Export our data to create your own custom dashboard or use our API to integrate into your existing data visualization tools

Load your competitors products into My Product Lists so you can quickly evaluate their performance each day

Keep track of high-demand products using best-seller rank (BSR)

Grow Your Wholesale Business with Superior Products & Brands

Spend your limited time on wholesale products and brands that are in demand with great profit

Use our Wholesale Analyzer to evaluate the demand and profitability of an entire catalog of products at once

Find new brands and products from sellers like you with Storefront Explorer

Find the best selling products and brands in over 56,000 categories

Identify Gaps to Accelerate Arbitrage

No more frustration or uninformed product decisions. Enhance efficiency and make your arbitrage business more profitable with our data-rich tools.

Arbitrage Spreadsheets list the top price gaps on Walmart vs Amazon

Use the Storefront Explorer to see your competitor’s entire stock

Use Product Pages to know a product's demand and level of competition

Export the data or use the API to integrate with Tactical Arbitrage, BuyBoxPro, and More

Power your Business, Dashboard, or App with our API

Looking to build a business to service Walmart sellers or brands? We have the data for that. Or perhaps you want to develop an app that augments your existing services. We can be your Walmart data provider.

Augment your Amazon data by layering in Walmart data on top of it

Use our seller data to find new leads for your business

Build a keyword optimization tool using our rich set of keyword data

Launch a deal seeking app using our price history information for

Create a passive income stream by powering your website with data, earning affiliate and advertising revenue

What Our Customers Say:

"Their team is helpful and extremely responsive in improving their tool based on the feedback users give. I have built a seven-figure e-commerce business within three years utilizing a lot of super intelligent and friendly tools, and DataSpark is definitely one of them. I recommend this tool to everyone I can."

Liz Darnell

7-Figure e-Commerce Seller

"The data is clear, concise, and accurate! We utilize the Chrome Extension daily for the Product Data Summary, which shows up right on the listing pages saving us so much time and energy!

DataSpark has been able to do thus far what no one else has: provide valuable product knowledge within the Walmart Marketplace!"

Nekeia Forcione

National Art Supply

"Keep up the great work with dataspark. It’s literally the best I’ve come across in awhile. This coming from someone who uses ton of software for FBA and Walmart"

David Rodas


"Dataspark is absolutely amazing with the service they provide. Great information, great support staff. They helped me grow my Walamrt business 5 fold."

Krushna Patel

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