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DataSpark Affiliate Partner Program

Introduce Your Audience to the Only Comprehensive Solution for

Promote the only data-driven product of its kind while earning money and exclusive discounts.

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What Your Audience Gets:

Gain Pricing Insight

Visualize each item’s current pricing and changes over time with graphs and tables.

Sales Rank Data

Visualize current and historical sales rank performance for over 14 million products.

What You Get:

Hands-On Support

Reach out to our team with any questions you may have. We’re here to listen.

Affiliate Perks

Engage with exclusive demos and digital content, as well as discounts for your followers.

Commission Opportunities

Unlock a continuous 20% commission stream as long as the subscription stays active.

Join the DataSpark Affiliate Network

Grow your business with a powerful research tool that brings data to your fingertips, all while building your network of like-minded entrepreneurs.


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Want a Live Webinar for Your Audience?

Our founders would love to personally help your audience learn how to sell more on using DataSpark. In order to help your followers make the most of our dynamic tool, we will faciliate a free live webinar for your audience, hosted by you.

With this exclusive opportunity for affiliates, you can increase sign ups and build your credibility as a DataSpark partner. Contact us today to schedule a webinar.

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Become a DataSpark affiliate today to unlock earning opportunities and exclusive offers.

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