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Walmart Marketplace Sales Estimates have launched!

Monthly Sales Estimation during the last 30-days is available on the Product Data page for users with DataSpark Basic and above. Sign Up Now.

We welcome feedback regarding all of our features. Contact us at any time.

Ignite your E-Commerce Business with DataSpark

Our platform can supercharge your pricing and promotion strategies for Walmart and Walmart Grocery.

Comprehensive Datasets for Walmart and Walmart Grocery

Sales Estimate

Access a 30-day sales estimate for each product

Price History

Visualize each item's pricing history and trends

Sales Rank

Analyze current and historical sales rank data

Buy Box Insight

Discover which sellers are featured in the buy box

API Access

Employ our API to integrate with any application

Promoted Products

See product promotion statistics and their impact on sales rank

Let the Data Work for You

E-Commerce is driven by data. Put our vast data at your fingertips to know exactly which actions will drive more sales.
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individual products
weekly sales rank changes

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