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Scale Your Business with Competitive Intelligence and Product Research for

We have the most comprehensive data for Walmart Marketplace: sales estimates, pricing history, buy box winners, category best sellers, and more.

Our free, powerful, and easy-to-use Chrome Extension embeds sales and price information on

Download the Chrome Extension today!

Identify Gaps to Accelerate Arbitrage

No more frustration or uninformed product decisions. Enhance efficiency and make your business more profitable with our data-rich tools.

Use the Chrome Extension to get sales estimates right on the detail page.

Use Product Pages to to know a products demand and level of competition.

Use the Mobile Scanner to easily see data in-store.

Arbitrage Spreadsheets list the top price gaps on Walmart vs Amazon.

Export the data or use the API to integrate with Tactical Arbitrage, BuyBoxPro, and More.

Discover Top Products & Brands

Use our comprehensive data to know the demand for any brand, category, or group of products.

Find the Best Sellers in over 56,000 categories.

Determine sales and brand market share using Full Category Export.

Evaluate any group of products using Advanced Search.

Know Your Competition and Find New Product Opportunities

With our intuitive system, you can access all the data you need to gain insight into your competitors’ business without wasting time and energy.

Competitive Comparison is easy using the My Lists function to determine your competitors’ sales.

Category Best Sellers list which items, brands, and categories have volume worth pursuing.

Searching gives you buy box information to evaluate competition level, or you can use Advanced Search to get more specific about your niche.

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