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Optimize Your Business with Data-Driven Features

Selling on Walmart and Walmart Grocery has never been easier than with DataSpark’s extensive product database.

Evaluate a Product’s Potential

Search for products to see detailed product stats and evaluate demand, competition, and profitability by brand or category.

Browse or Search to Discover New Products

View Best Sellers by Category to find high-performing products, or use Advanced Search to set filters that meet your needs.

Uncover Opportunities for Retail Arbitrage

Use the scanner to make informed decisions about products during retail arbitrage shopping trips.

Identify Amazon Arbitrage Opportunities

Check out DataSpark’s Resources to access tables featuring top products in various categories.

Stay Informed with Product Data

See sales estimates on the Product Data page and Chrome Extension, or upload product codes to create your own in-depth product lists.

Integrate Our API with Other Systems

Use our API and Resources to learn how to integrate our API with other systems to easily access bulk data.