Who we are

We are a young company of professional engineers from Ukraine who have teamed up to provide a technical solutions for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses.

Based on the our work experience in different IT companies with different business models. We know how it’s difficult to find a right people and which risks it’s take when you trust the technical side of your business to unfamiliar people. That’s why we always communicate with our customers during project development and provide free consultation on the initial stage to prove that technical side of your business is in safe hands.
It’s very important for us not just build a project and get paid but really help to our clients increase their business and achive their goals.

We passion about technologies and always keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest Internet technologies and industry trends which we later implement in projects for our customers that we could be proud of. For this we attend IT conferences, participate in various kinds of developer’s events and hackathon chalenges, reading tech blogs and books.

All of this allows us to have a fresh modern look on the technical problems as well as a business aspects that should be solved. And this is where we apply the full power of our knowledge with experience to achive maximum result and build a great product.

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Our Contacts

Send us an email: contact@dataspark.co

Call us: +380 (63) 105-68-48

Our address:
13A, St. Simferopolska,
Kyiv, 02097, Ukraine